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Gillian Shaw "While Jagger and Gibson are master networkers, they understand the importance of creating and engaging in online communities, not seeing them merely as a sales channel. Their book should be required reading for the business person who leaps onto social networks, blasting out, "Buy my product," messages that do nothing but ensure they'll be regarded as online pariahs."

Gillian Shaw - Digital Life Writer - Vancouver Sun Newspaper
Skip Anderson

"Oh, how I wish I could have read Sociable! back when I was a social media newbie. I could have prevented tons of confusion, many headaches, and loads of wasted time trying to figure it out. My advice? Read Shane and Steve's book and use it as your roadmap to taking full advantage of the tremendous sales and marketing power that social media has to offer."

Skip Anderson Founder & President, Selling to Consumers Sales Training -

Dr. Denis L. Cauvier

"As in business and in life, actions create reputations. A brand is the conversation that users are having about a product or service. As a professional speaker, consultant and author I have been obsessed with providing the best possible staff recruiting and retention solutions thus relying solely on "word of mouth" advertising. Lately, I have felt a massive disconnect with the philosophies touted by "Social media marketing Guru's", advocating using these new mediums to market one's products or services rather than engaging with their community of users.

Happily, Shane and Stephen in their new book Sociable share how the world really works by providing their powerful insights on how organizations can actively facilitate and contribute to the online word-of-mouth conversations pertaining to their brands that will greatly impact profits."

Dr. Denis L. Cauvier best selling author of How to Keep Staff Productive and Happy and The ABCs of Making Money series of books -

Jerry Kennedy

"You guys have really nailed the critical components of using social media for business, and you've done it in language that is easily understood and enjoyable to read."

Jerry Kennedy author of Motivation 101 and Co-host of the Sales Management 2.0 Podcast -


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