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New York, NY - Tom Ferry, Coach

Tom Ferry New York

30,000 FT above Kelowna, BC - Kevin Jagger, Sales

Kevin Jagger Flight to Kelowna

Montreal, QC - Jacynthe Simard, Event Planner

sociable swimming

Big White, BC - Jacynthe Simard, Event Planner

big white sociable

Calgary, AB - Rob Reynar, Realtor

rob reynar calgary sociable

Jacksonville, FL - David Foster

Jacksonville Sociable

Vancouver, BC - Jeff Booth, Entrepreneur

jeff booth

Edmonton, AB - Ray Elwenni, Realtor

ray Elwenni

La Palma, CA - Ric Dizon

ric dizon

Richmond, BC - Carolynne and Karel Palla


Vancouver, BC

vancouver sociable

Langley, BC - Teri-Lyn Conrad Lansing

teri lyn conrad Langley

Mexico - Jean Richer, Realtor

jean richer

on route to Minnesota - Dave Macdonald


Riegelsville, PA - Jamie Flinchbaugh

jamie flinchbaugh

Cusco, Peru - Alfredo Rolando

cusco, peru

Abbotsford, BC

Abbotsford, BC

Bill Cole, Phoenix, AZ

Bill Cole, Phoenix, AZ

Bellingham, WA - Katharine Carey


Isla Cozumel, Mexico - Ken Hunter

Isla Cozumel

Saskatoon, SK - Arvid Kuhnle

saskatoon realtors

St. Martin, Caribbean - Brad Bumstead

St. Martin, Caribbean

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